1 Violin Fiddle Fingerboard Fret guide Label Finger Chart 4/4

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1 Violin Fiddle Fingerboard Fret Marker Label Fingering Chart 4/4 Nice Item For Students and Beginners – DESIGNED TO LAST! Stick these on your violin fingerboard to help find the notes and proper intonation. Fits full-sized 4/4 instruments. Easy on and easy off. See application instructions below. The sticker covers a full octave. The notes on the large end of the sticker (G D A E) are an octave above what your open strings are tuned to (as noted in white letters at the small end). To Install: 1. Loosen the strings enough to push them aside . Be careful not to move your bridge in the process. Be sure to check bridge placement when you are finished. 2. Carefully peel the backing off the label. 3. Apply the label by carefully making sure it is in position before sticking it down. Slide the small end snug against the nut. If it sticks on you before you get the proper placement just peel up carefully and start again. 4. Re-tune your strings and you are ready to go. 5. To remove labels just peel off slowly and carefully. If any residue remains on your fingerboard you can easily remove it with a little rubbing alcohol or soapy water dabbed on a piece of tissue paper. These are temporary aids only. Most students only need to use them for a few weeks until they get used to the fingering positions.EZ On and EZ Off
Great aid for learning finger positions
Long Lasting
Accurate noting positions for full-sized violin
Perfect for teachers and students


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