9-Year-Old Plays Banjo on David Letterman Show – Sleepy Man

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9 year old banjo boy Jonny Mizzone and his brothers Tommy 13 on guitar, and Robbie 12 on fiddle perform «Flint Hill Special» by Earl Scruggs on the Late Show with David Letterman.


49 Comments on "9-Year-Old Plays Banjo on David Letterman Show – Sleepy Man"

  1. Now this is talent!! Not the crap of today.

  2. Wait! Do you hear that!? That's the sound of panties dropping…

  3. you are great kid from amanda call me 198 765 456 876

  4. Now what they need to have a lazy face, glass eye, and an under bite

  5. You never realize how hard it is to play banjo until you actually pick one up, same with guitar, the other one i cant say anything about though, ive never played it.

  6. Yes David Letterman……they are young…….We get it

  7. I dont understand the public. Why they make some noise for the banjo and nothing for the violin and Guitar, …. O.O they are all young guys, and they all have a fucking good lvl on their instrument.

  8. At 0:34 I thought I heard Cleveland brown laughing

  9. I got blisters on me fingers!!!!

  10. just came from Deliverance guitar vs. banjo scene

  11. Yor my hero! Stop by my channel to see my pickin too if you get the chance.

  12. that kids dad abused him somethin' fierce

  13. Not a big country guy but they are amazing

  14. convida o cepo de madeira pro grupo

  15. A bit rushed compared to the the original

  16. This is really awesome and really American

  17. There is a red sticker covering a part of the screen that says: "Be a fan and this can not be erased."

  18. The south is rising, wooooooo!

  19. amazing!!!!!!from those kids

  20. I have to say as Finish, these three great boys WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  21. this is one more argument in favour of home schooling.

  22. I play the violin is the violin and the fiddle, the same

  23. Hope these kids never grow…………

  24. they are all very good

  25. Banjo boys great. Letterman sucks

  26. And they got alot of pussy after that

  27. A pussy bloody ass sore has more talent than Letterman !

  28. flint hill special!

  29. Fun fact: The Banjo originated in Africa. Early forms of this instrument were fashioned by American slaves, adapted from west African stringed instruments of similar design.

  30. Deliverance ruined banjos for me.

  31. Супер! Отлично! Молодцы ребята!!!

  32. Really? Thumbs down? Bet a week's salary it's a bunch of adolescent boys, living in mom's basement, waiting for their acne to go away.

  33. Reminds me alot of my future self!!!!

  34. There are some people who are so talented, and you look at them and you just realize "Wow. I'm trash"

  35. Really talented kids.

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