Fretless Finger Guide for Full (4/4) Size Violin

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Learn how to play violin, learn how to play fiddle and learn proper finger placement on the fingerboard with Fretless Finger Guides. Our one-piece, clear, cling vinyl first position fingering chart goes right on your fingerboard. The Guide uses no glues or adhesives and clings to itself not to your instrument. No need to loosen or remove the strings to put it on. This patented, proven, color-coded Guide and method makes learning to read music and play songs and scales easy, fun and fast. This violin fingering guide covers seven intervals and shows the natural, sharp and flat notes for first position. Fretless Finger Guides are undeniably the best way to learn violin note locations. Our unique color-coded design is by far the fastest and easiest way to learn to play violin or fiddle. This Guide works best with full (4/4) size violins that have a string length of approximately 13 inches (330 millimeters). Stays securely in place. JUST PEEL IT OFF, PUT IT ON, AND PLAY! These violin finger position markers have helped tens of thousands of aspiring violinists learn where the notes are on the music staff and the violin fingerboard. Our violin learning guide is a wonderful tool by itself or in combination with teacher assisted or online violin instruction. Fretless Finger Guides are far superior to gummy violin finger tapes, violin position marker strips and decals. Fretless Finger Guides complimentary website provides new and beginning violinists with free color coded sheet music, scales, instructional videos and more. The easy to understand instructional information shows you how to find the notes on your violin fingerboard and the music staff, so you can start playing songs and scales right away.One piece clear cling vinyl, uses no adhesive. Goes on in seconds. Easy on, easy off. No need to loosen or remove the strings
Shows first position natural note locations, sharps and flats, giving a visual violin fingering chart of the notes
Helps you learn to play violin scales quickly and play songs easily – click on our name above to see our other products
Takes the mystery out of the fingerboard using easy to understand color coded notes. Better than violin position marker strips or violin finger tapes
This product mails through the Post Office directly from Fretless Finger Guides in a white #10 envelope, NOT a box or package. WE DO NOT MAIL TO FORWARDING SERVICES OR 2ND PARTY SHIPPING SERVICES THAT FORWARD MAIL OUT OF THE USA. Please do not order using one of these services addresses.


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