Gong – I Never Glid Before – Live 1973

From the album Angel’s Egg. That crazy Daevid Allen!!


36 Comments on "Gong – I Never Glid Before – Live 1973"

  1. Oh…my..dog….what a character….

  2. daevid allen did not or could not blink throughout the whole song. . am a resident of planet gong. .fellow php. . too bad it's not in technicolor. widescreen.

  3. You just have to love it.

  4. damn this thing rips!

  5. This is my Life in a nutshell.

  6. I always though they were from Liverpool, I'm sure they used to live around the corner in Crosby.

  7. Like Wizzard on crack..

  8. Hillage and Mahlerbe dueling it out at finale.

  9. "I left my body on my bed, and flew away inside my head, to dive right through the moon and find, a perfect world inside my mind". Gong helped to get me through some difficult times in my youth. Supreme respect to you Mr Allen and co. RIP.

  10. And Thus, Flavour flav was born.

  11. We're the gong band and it's enough to play the instruments of love

  12. At 3:25 is that Fiona Apple?

    Just kidding.

  13. Tales from a mental asylum.

  14. I want a pointy hat with propellers at the top. Zipfelmütz mit Luftschraube.

  15. I was tripping off my tits when I first heard Gong, made the experience much much better.

  16. I love Progressive Rock

  17. Pretty tight musicianship ! Wow

  18. sOFT mACHINE WOW! … Thank you Streetwoorm…

  19. Angel's Eggs… Est-ce que Oshii est aussi un adepte de gong? (je vous recomande son film d'animation justement appelé : "l'oeuf de l'ange"… )

  20. a colleague of mine told me to listen to Gong. he recommended Angel's Egg. my god, i don't think that i have seen this many people this fucking high in under 10 minutes. i've just got to listen again.

    thanks Stu!

  21. I glid…Thai sticks…flying ..space…..hillage. .. pilot for the night..let gooooooooo

  22. I fucking love their hats.

  23. love this song and video.timeless.

  24. gosh is this the actual recording session?

  25. holy crap he does NOT blink haha

  26. The good ole days of acid & shrooms…!

  27. the epitome of a prog rock band on their favourite drugs haha

  28. i'm pretty sure these guys never smoked pot or took acid

  29. Ja ja ja puto loco

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