Instrument: Tuba

In this film, Andrew Cresci introduces his instrument – the tuba.

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“Have you seen the app called ‘The Orchestra’? It is astonishing. For somebody who can’t read music to learn how an orchestra functions, to be able to see from the perspective of a flute or a second violin, is really enlightening.” – Sir John Eliot Gardiner, quoted in an interview by Richard Fairman, Financial Times, February 2014

The Philharmonia’s Principal Tuba’s Chair is endowed by Mercedes and Michael Hoffman. For more information on Chair Endowments, please visit:


25 Comments on "Instrument: Tuba"

  1. Can you move up from a baritone to a tuba?

  2. At first I thought that was a banana xD

  3. Lol I thought that was a a banana peel XD

  4. NEW INSTRUMENT FILMS: Hi everyone! We’re about to embark on making some new instrument films and we want to hear from you! What instruments do you want to see covered? Reply within the next week! Thanks for watching!

  5. is that 12 bar blues chord at the end

  6. Do u think my 5th grade music teacher would let me play the Sousaphone Tuba?Just asking

  7. puffing you cheeks will destroy you muscles.

  8. LOL, put closed captions on when he's playing the tuba, YouTube thinks it says whoa…

  9. why do tubist puff their cheeks?!?!?!?!?

  10. I thought contrabass trombone played as low as a tuba

  11. I don't buzz when I play tuba

  12. I used to have access to the exact same model Eb Bass in my brass band, an old Boosey and Hawkes Imperial with the small bell. I'm seriously impressed by his ability to play low notes with his fourth valve and not have them sound vague and muffled, as so often happens with compensating tubas. Some real talent on display here.

  13. I play the tuba, but my valves aren't near the top loop. They are on the front, facing a diagonal direction. Would it still be considered a tuba?

  14. Idk why people think the tuba is so hard in 13 and I play it just fine

  15. Wonderful! I would love to listen Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique on this solo.


  17. purtroppo dovete tradurre la lingua!

  18. I play the Bb tuba. It's awesome. I practiced arban's method for cornet so hard that I can go really high and play really fast. I really have to film myself play and upload it.

  19. Religious creation isn't certain, but God certainly did make the tuba.

  20. I started watching this because I joined a band and I play the tuba. Well first I'm starting with the Barstow.

  21. can you sit it on your lap while playing it

  22. you probably can

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