Johann Sebastian Bach: Concertos For Oboe & Oboe D’Amore

BWV 1055, 1056, 1059R, 1053R, 1060.

Christian Hommel; Helmut Muller-Brühl: Cologne Chamber Orchestra

Through the video you can see Marriage a la Mode and a Rakes Progress by William Hogart.


47 Comments on "Johann Sebastian Bach: Concertos For Oboe & Oboe D’Amore"

  1. …прослушала вновь год спустя это видео…И опять очень понравилось…Прекрасна музыка Баха, прекрасна исполнительская версия…Это можно слушать и переслушивать без конца…И кажется, что никогда не надоест…Душа наполняется сладким живительным бальзамом…Музыка Баха – на века…! Спасибо исполнителям и автору ролика…

  2. Oboen sind Instrumente, die wundervolle Töne erzeugen.

  3. J:S .BACH est sublime le meilleurs de tous …

  4. With pictures, "A Rake's Progress" by Hogarth. Agrodolce.

  5. yes. elevating.everlasting Bach, we do need him these days,more than ever.thanks you tube!

  6. This music accentuates my disdain for plebs. Yes, very much so.

  7. FORMIDÁVEL: 0:17:12 II Largo (from cantata, BWV 156: I Sinfonia)

  8. An authentically timeless composer, essential and modern.

  9. I think these concertos were written in Coethen, during Bach six-year permanence in this wonderful, calm, agreste, milieu. After years of suffering – both parents, some sons and his first wife died, the composer job was hard and competitive – this magnificent composer had six years of joy. A music-enthusiast new wife (Anna Magdalena). This human environment was, I think, at the base of his wonderful instrumental music composed in Coethen. Do not forget, Bach was an human being, though a genius!

  10. Hermosa música Gracias =))

  11. dis gay. were da raping @? need a beat

  12. das ist Seelennahrung !

  13. Le hautbois s envole comme appele par des elans prometteurs d aventure, hors de tout contexte, tandis que, l orchestre, elle, feint de la lui laisser, mais en revanche, elle ne fait que s acharner de le poursuivre, pour le seconder et s associer a des jeux infiniment changeants.

  14. Un pur chef-d'oeuvre ! du grand Vivaldi que l ' on ne se lasse pas …Quel régal pour les oreilles et l ' esprit une fois de plus …

  15. Sirs, part of what is beeing presented, from 23´on is actually Benedetto Marcello´s D minor concert… Just for the " Records".

  16. I'm 2 and I love this music.

  17. What a splendid mix of baroque however, one piece whose adagio starts 30 minutes is by Marcello, not Bach.

  18. BUT OTHERS ARE ALSO GREAT: Tallis, Mozart, Händel, Haydn,  Strauss…….

  19. And others before them – Vivaldi, Pergolesi, etc! Monteverdi…

  20. Le plus grand de tous les temps, l'Unique……….

  21. Mon préféré le Concerto BWV 1060

  22. Paz , armonía, sublime, que grande eres Bach y espectacular la orquesta.Muy bueno !!!!!Gracias!

  23. Very beautiful ! Lovely music ! Thank you for sharing .


  25. I've loved classical all my life. Bach is special to me. I've liked all kinds of music, but classical has stayed with me (hence the root word, "classic"); impossible for me to get tired of any of it. It truly is the music of the angels and the music of my heart.

  26. Siempre seras el maestro de maestros. Gracias por tan inmenso legado Bach Rulez!

  27. I LOVE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC OF BACH. I think it is good for my soul.
    –Cliff Gieseke San Antonio, Texas

  28. J.S. Bach was a true rockstar, the greatest composer of all time !!!

  29. cette symphonie fait tourbillon de bonheur les ondes sonores délicatement touche les cils cilliés de ma cochlé

  30. nice hogarth 🙂

  31. Generally taking, Bach's music is monotonous, depressing,, boring and without soul.
    Unlike Mozart's that is beautiful and sensual, soft and smooth, joyful and cheerful,, full of wonderful melodies…etc. In short, Mozart's music is music for the soul and it expresses all human feelings!!

  32. Merci pour ces bons moments musicaux. Merci pour cette mise en ligne.

  33. 以前我曾不相信音樂的理性美,但現在卻明白了

  34. Beautiful geometry

  35. It certainly brings a lump to my thorat

  36. En la catedral de la música no falta nadie,cada piedra esta en su sitio.

  37. 29:29 Is not Bach, It is Macello Oboe in d minor II mov.

  38. music art at his highest – what a satanic shit people listen today

  39. the rake's progress by hogarth

  40. No-one can invent this phenomenon, it's a force of Nature.

  41. Listen to J.S.B., and think about your life-choices.

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