Martha Stewart Cooks Using La Caja China Pig Roaster!

Martha Stewart joins Roberto Guerra in their First Annual Grilling Special featuring the world’s best pig roaster, La Caja China Roasting Box! Learn how the succulent pig roast is conveniently done in only 4 hours. With some magic touches during the preparation such as: adding some flavors and spices, injecting the fluid to the pig’s body, spreading the solid parts of the marinade on the pig’s rib cage, and storing it 24 hours prior to cooking – the pig came out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!

Discover La Caja China’s simple steps to a perfectly cooked and delectable roasted pig. With only 4 hours of cooking, a couple of hours on both sides – La Caja China functions as an oven since it traps the heat inside the box so your pig will definitely be cooked evenly. What’s more important about this innovative cooking equipment is, it retains all the flavors and spices since the pig inside the box is covered with a tray of coals.

La Caja China pig roasters are made from the finest materials and engineered for maximum durability to withstand extreme heat and abuse. You can cook almost everything with La Caja China, from vegetables, chicken, turkeys, lambs and a lot more! Stand out in your events and transform your simple barbecue party into a memorable one.

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