Pachebel Canon in D (Glockenspiel)

I am playing Cannon in the Glockenspiel
Watch my other videos and enjoy ! 🙂


26 Comments on "Pachebel Canon in D (Glockenspiel)"

  1. Is this an easy instrument to learn?

  2. Where is the shrimp glockenspiel?

  3. What is this glockenspiel 2??

  4. what brand and model is this Glockenspiel?

  5. pretty and softly sweet. Well done to you

  6. can iget that notes. pls

  7. Wie heisst das Lied?

  8. it sounded lovely and inspired me a fellow piano and guitar player to go buy the same glockenspiel , just got home and i am gong to try and learn this tune. You did well, take on board the constructive people and don't worry about the nastier comments. i loved it.

  9. Pull the sound out (upstroke), use less arm; more wrist, alternate between mallets. Other than that, it sounded lovely.

  10. Hello! Nice one! 😀
    What's the model of Glockespiel? its Fame?

  11. You need to alternate sticking

  12. When you play any type of keyboard always play up to go to different notes faster, search up "fulcrum for percussion" dont play on a snare stand, alternate stick so you dont freeze

  13. je peux le faire avec mon pénis

  14. I was reading a Car & Driver magazine and the word Glockenspiel came up. So I Google and youtubed it and hear I is.

  15. what's the difference between xylophone and glockenspiel?

  16. Send me the chords please? Thankyou! :)

  17. what's the notes of this?

  18. immer wieder schön,ein stück zu hause

  19. please can you send the notes you used


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